Candle Wicks for Soy, Paraffin & Gel Wax


We offer 3 different votive wicks so you are sure to find one that works perfectly in your candles.


We offer several different size container wicks so that you can select one that works best in your container candles.

About Atkins & Pearce - zinc core wicks

These wicks have a cotton outer braid surrounding a thin filament of zinc. A zinc core wick produces the coolest flame and it is the most rigid and durable of all cored wicks, providing extra support during the pouring and burning process.

Atkins & Pearce zinc core wicks are classified as "lead free wicks" by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Concern over trace elements of lead has resulted in the Consumer Product Safety Commission defining a lead cored wick to be one containing greater than .06% lead by weight in the metal. Zinc wire has a maximum level of lead impurities of .004%, well below the standard set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

About Heinz verhaegh - Stabilo CD coreless wicks

The Heinz Stabilo wicks are a German made all natural, coreless, non-directional, flat braided wicks with a special paper filament woven around them. They are formally known as CD wicks.This configuration is engineered to promote maximum and consistent capillary action while ensuring a self trimming wick that will hold the posture of the flame. The Stabilo series is used in many different applications and is especially compatible with the harder-to-melt viscous waxes of both paraffin, soy and vegetable base.

Wick Selection - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size wick do I use for my candles?

A: The size wick you use will be determined by several things. The type of wax you use including any additives, the diameter of your container or candle, the brand and type of fragrance oil you use, the type and amount of dye or coloring you will use and of course your own personal preference as to how you want your candles to burn. We'll discuss each of these things in the next paragraphs.

With so many waxes on the market it's difficult for a beginner to know what size wick to use for their candles because each wick will react different in the various waxes. It is impossible for me to know about wick size for every wax on the market but we have tested wick sizes in the various candles that we make and I will offer the results to you. Some things like votives are easy enough to wick, but please don't take all of the recommendations as a science, instead look at them as somewhere for you to begin finding what you want.