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Candle Making Kits

Cajun's candle making kits have been voted "Best Candle Making Kits" by you, our customers. When putting together our candle making kits we surveyed hundreds of professional candle makers and we've received valuable feedback as to what candle making supplies a beginner needs in order to learn the basics of candle making, make great candles from a candle kit, and still remain within a realistic monetary budget.

Using this information we have compiled several fantastic candle making kits, these kits are quickly becoming known as a standard necessity for the beginner candle maker. Each kit comes with complete, step-by-step candle making instructions to guide you easily through the candle making process. We offer kits for paraffin candle making as well as soy candle making kits.

There are a few things about candle making that you should know, if you want to make truly fragrant candles. There are just some things you must approach with extreme care and caution. Things like specially blended candle wax, fragrance oil, and candle wicks. Our candle making kits contain all of these high quality products that you simply won't ever find in a craft store candle kit.

It is a fact that the quality of most candle making supplies and kits will vary greatly from company to company. I get emails confirming this from our customers every day. There are a few items (wax, fragrance oils, wicks, candle kits) that I recommend you never purchase from your local craft store. Here's why... you will run into the problem that the sales clerk(s) in craft stores just can't answer any technical questions regarding candle making products or even questions about their prepackaged candle making kits. Plus, their candle wax is usually a straight paraffin not exactly meant for use with candle making or candle making kits. It's not a reflection of the clerk, they're just simply not trained or knowledgable with regards to candle making supplies because they sell so many other things too. At Cajun's, all we sell is candle and soap making kits and supplies, and we're here to answer any questions you have when purchasing one of our candle making kits.

Another example is that most wicks in a craft store aren't even primed or tabbed or, if they are then you'll pay top dollar for only a few wicks in a bag, you'll also pay ell over $5 for a 1/2 oz bottle of poor quality fragrance oil that no one knows how old it is. Now, You can buy a slab of wax at just about any craft store, but try to find out what additives you'll need to make the candles you want to make, is the wax for container candles, for pillar candles, etc, just ask the clerk what the wax is recommended for, what is the melt point of the wax, ask what additives you'll need in order for the fragrance oil to bind properly with the wax to give a decent scent throw, what is the wax flash point, melt point, what temperature should the wax be melted when adding the dye and fragrance oil, etc. Is it a straight paraffin or a blended wax, if it's a blended wax what type of candle is it recommended for? If it's a straight paraffin wax what additives would you need to use to make container candles, pillar candles, votive candles? If they do offer a candle making kit can they guarantee that the fragrance included is fresh? I'm sure when you ask some of these questions you're going to see a huge blank look come across the clerks face. Thats where we come in, we have answers to all those questions...and any others that you might have, regarding our quality candle making supplies. At Cajun's Candle & Soap Supplies, all you ever have to do is ask a question. All of our candle making kits come with step by step instructions and they're delivered right to your door.

Our candle making supplies, as well as our candle making kits, have consistently been chosen the best by candle makers all over the world. Any one of our quality candle kits would be a great place to start, and best of all we're here to answer your questions.