Cajun's skin safe dyes are a concentrated, glycerine based, skin safe dye that has been formulated for use with skin care products such as soaps, lotions, creams, body sprays, etc. These skin safe dyes work great with any skin care application. Our dye have only 2 ingredients, glycerine and a very concentrated skin safe powdered dye, which we combine for a brilliant, vibrant liquid color dye. They are a non-bleeding dye since there is no water or other liquid fillers added. We manufacture all of our skin safe dyes right in our facility so that we can maintain strict environmental and quality control procedures.

Each 1 oz bottle of dye is very concentrated and will color a lot of soap so don't purchase too many bottles of the same color at once. If you've made soap before you know that in order to get a brilliant deep color you need to use our clear melt and pour soap base, not any that is white. When you dye a white soap base it is impossible to get a deep, brilliant color like you can when using a clear soap base.

Please note: Do not use skin safe dyes with your candle making products, it is not manufactured for candle making and the glycerine will have a reaction with the wax. When making candle products, use dyes for candles.

Notice how the colors do not bleed together on the layered bar of soap below? It's because our dyes are glycerine based dyes with no water or additives!