Because of the nature of our business, any product or item(s) being returned must be pre-approved by the management of the company. The only exception is when a delivery company is attempting to deliver a package that is damaged. In this instance always refuse the delivery and notify us by email or phone us toll free at 1-800-667-6424 immediately to let us know that you refused the delivery due to apparent visible damage to the shipping boxes.

In the event you discover damage after the delivery has been accepted, you must retain all of the product in it's original shipping cartons/boxes and call UPS at 1-800-742-5877 immediately to file a damage claim. They will issue you a claim number. You will need this claim number when contacting us.

At times UPS may deliver a package to you without you being home. They might leave it at your front door, back door, garage, carport, etc. In the event UPS delivers a package that is damaged call them immediately at 1-800-742-5877 especially if there is any damage, spillage or breakage inside the package. They will issue you a claim number and schedule a time to come pick the merchandise up. UPS will notify us once they pick up the damaged product. Again, it is important that you leave all product in the original master cartons and boxes.

Always check your order immediately upon arrival. Report any damaged, missing or wrong merchandise immediately. Be sure that you received the proper type(s) of the product(s) that you ordered such as wax, wicks, etc.. If you ordered glassware be sure to check for cracks, check and count your lids, etc. If you ordered anything electronic, such as scales, sealers or heat guns ensure they are in proper working order. We will always make good on ALL damaged product but it must be handled according to our return and damage policy. Report any discrepencies immediately by email or by calling us toll free at 1-800-667-6424. We can not make any adjustments or offer any credits on orders delivered more than 10 days prior.

Electrical items such as scales, sealers, heat guns, etc., have a 30 day warranty. Should you encounter a problem with an electrical item within the warranty period notify us immediately and we will begin the replacement process of the item. The warranty only offers that the item will be replaced. No refunds or credits are available for warranty items. Items under warranty that show obvious abuse can not be replaced. The company will pay all shipping costs for replacement items that are under warranty.

Generally speaking, if you wish to return an item or package, you are responsible for shipping charges back to us with a restocking fee of 15% of your total order unless your return item(s) are under our electrical warranty or in the case that we sent the wrong item. We recommend that you also always insure a package you are shipping back to us because we can not give a credit for any damaged or merchandise returned.

We do not manufacture any of the waxes we offer. We are an approved distributor for IGI waxes, Honeywell/Astorlite waxes, Penreco Gel Wax, and NatureWax Soy wax. These are the finest candle making waxes available on the market. If you discover a flaw or inconsistency in any of the waxes you will need to contact the respective company(s) with your complaint. If the manufacturer deems your claim to be valid they will contact us with any credit approval and we in turn will replace/replenish or credit your account according to their findings.

In certain cases we will approve the return of candle wax, however the shipping charges of sending the wax back to us must be paid by the customer, unless we shipped the wrong wax. In the event we ship any incorrect product(s) we will pay all shipping charges for returning the product back to the company.

There are several items that will never be approved for return other than damage by the delivery company. Fragrance oils, candle dyes, soap dyes, liquid soap bases, and cream bases such as our EL1 Multibase can not be returned for any reason other than delivery carrier damages as stated in the first paragraph of this policy. Reason #1: These products can easily be tampered with, such as being diluted with chemicals before being shipped back to us. Reason #2: Product can be exchanged in the bottle with another companies weaker product. Reason #3: Product can be switched with an older or outdated version of the same product. The list of reasons goes on and on. We sell only 100% pure, uncut fragrance oils, dyes and other liquid products. We enforce this policy very strictly to guarantee only the finest products reach our customers.

We will never approve the return of an item, or credit an item that has been used or abused. This includes wax, molds, wicks, electriacl items, etc..

If you need to cancel an order once it has been placed, we strongly recommend that you cancel by telephone (337-643-8344) during our normal business hours. We don't recommend cancelling by email because emails can get lost and our automatic sorters and/or virus protectors may move an email to the wrong folder. Keep in mind that once an order has been processed, our restocking fee will be in place even on cancelled orders. We can let you know at the time that you call to cancel your order whether or not your order has been processed. Keep in mind that we are set up to process orders quickly and efficiently so that our customers do not have to wait any longer than necessary for their supplies, so if you need to cancel an order for any reason at all call us as soon as possible during our normal business hours.

If you are ordering outside of the continental United States be aware that there may be duties and taxes imposed on your order before you can accept delivery. We do not know what these duty taxes will amount to, check with your local custom office for more information regarding delivery of packages to from the U.S.

In the event you refuse your shipment for any reason other than damage, there will be an automatic 20% restocking fee for the product plus the shipping rate of the product coming back to us. Any money left over will be returned to you using the same method that the order was paid for. The same restocking and shipping return fees will apply if the product comes back to us because the delivery company can not make a delivery.

There will be an automatic 15% restocking fee on any items or orders, even if approved for a return, unless it was due to an error on our part. In the event an error was made on our part there will be no restock fee and the company will pay shipping charges back to the company.