Become Your Own Candle Maker

Become Your Own Candle Maker

Order your candle-making supplies today

Why not start creating your own candles? The Cajun Candle Factory carries a wide selection of supplies for candle makers. Whether you're making candles at home or for your business, you can rely on The Cajun Candle Factory for everything you need.

We're here to simplify the candle-making process. We'll guide you through your order, so you get exactly what you need to make fragrant candles. Browse our site or talk to a representative to find what you need. We're available by phone, fax and email.

Start a new hobby and save money in the process

Don't shell out money on store-bought candles. Experience what it's like to make your own candles from scratch. We have everything you need for candle making, including:

  • Wax, dye and wicks
  • Glassware
  • Closures and lids
  • Molds and UV inhibitors

We only provide high-quality products for our customers. You'll have everything you need to create beautiful, aromatic candles. Browse our site to find the products you need. You'll find helpful tips throughout our website. If you need more information, call us right away.