Items Needed For Successful Candle Making

The first thing you will need is something to melt your wax in. You have a few safe choices.  You can find expensive wax melters to purchase but that really isn’t necessary. Some chandlers believe the safest way to melt wax is to use the double boiler method. The double boiler method is definitely the safest way to melt wax but it is also the slowest. There is one other way to inexpensively and safely melt your wax and I’ll tell you about that so you can decide which way is going to be best for you.

You really don't need to have an expensive wax melter to make great candles, especially starting off. Those are nice to have but not necessary when you’re going through the beginning stages of candle making.  I recommend you purchase a Presto "Kitchen Kettle". You can usually find a kitchen kettle at your local hardware store, Walmart, Target or online by searching for Presto Kitchen Kettle. You’ll have a great beginner wax melter for just a fraction of the cost. Kitchen kettles come in a couple of different sizes but be certain that the one your select comes with a numerical temperature gauge to set the temperature. Never melt wax in anything that doesn't have a numerical temperature gauge. Don't ever use anything with just high, medium and low settings because you might get your wax too hot.

One thing I will warn you is to never melt wax on your stove top, unless you are using the double boiler method. Never melt wax on or in anything that does not have a numerical temperature control because wax does have a flash point and can burst into flames without warning once it reaches that point. Depending on the wax the flash point may be between 290 - 380 degrees. Always be safe when you make candles.

The next thing you will need is a reliable thermometer. Use the thermometer in conjunction with your kitchen kettle to ensure a proper and safe candle wax temperature at all times. We also offer a great thermometer for candle making from our shopping cart.

You will need a "pour pot" to pour your melted candle wax into your molds. We offer quality aluminum pour pots, but I will tell you that a 32 oz glass measuring cup works just as well, don’t ever use plastic measuring cups. You can even start out using an old, clean coffee can to pour your candles.

Next, you will need an accurate and reliable scale for weighing your wax before you melt it. Any accurate scale that weighs up to at least 10 LBS should be sufficient. You can usually find one online or at any office supply store.  I don’t recommend a bathroom scale because it usually isn’t accurate for small amounts.

So far you will need the following items to begin making candles:

  1. Melting Pot
  2. Thermometer
  3. Pour Pot
  4. Reliable scale

Next, we will cover the actual Candle Making supplies you will need

Candle Making Supplies

You will want to begin with a good, quality candle making wax. If you want to make quality, fragrant candles not just any wax will do. We recommend one of our blended candle waxes that are manufactured exclusively for making candles. Our candle wax page offers only premium candle wax that was formulated to make creamy, rich looking candles every time when used properly. There are various types of waxes available, depending on the type of candles you want to make.

If you’re going to color your candles, you will need some type of candle dye. You are probably wondering if a crayon would work to color your wax. The short answer is yes, but the pigments used to make crayons will clog your wick and prevent your candle from burning properly. We recommend a dye that was formulated for candle wax. Our professional candle wax dyes come in a 1 oz drip bottle and they are very concentrated. One 1 oz bottle of candle making dye will last you a long time. This candle dye is convenient and easy to use whether you're a pro candle maker or just learning how to make candles.

Next, you will need candle making wicks. To save you time and money we offer pre-tabbed and pre-waxed candle making wicks. A proper candle wick selection is a very instrumental part of candle making. Too big of a wick or too small of a wick is not good. We always recommend that you test various candle wick sizes to ensure that you are getting the proper burn for your candles.

Of course, since you're want to learn how to make highly fragrant candles you're going to need fragrance oil. I am often asked: Isn't all fragrance oil the same? Let me assure you with an empathic "NO". Many people waste a lot of money trying to save in this one area where you just shouldn't, not if you want to make great candles that is. The next paragraph explains why.

It doesn’t matter what type of wax you have decided to use to make your candles, any wax you use for candle making will only hold a certain amount of fragrance oil. Typically, with a quality candle making wax, this equates to approximately 1 oz - 1.5 oz of fragrance oil per LB of wax. After that, the fragrance oil will simply seep from the wax once your candle is made. So, since you can only add a certain amount of fragrance oil in a candle it only makes sense that if you want a truly strong scented candle, you've got to use a quality fragrance oil. You'll be glad you used quality ingredients once you begin making candles.

All of our fragrance oils are 100% pure fragrance oil, uncut, no dilutions or additives, only pure quality fragrance oils that you will be proud to use. Here is another money saving tip, whether you buy your fragrance oils from us, or another company, always purchase the 1 oz sampler size first so you can evaluate each fragrance and performance before you invest a lot of money in a bigger size bottle. Typically, a 1 oz bottle of our fragrance oil will scent 1 LB of wax and should give you a very strong scented candle.

And lastly, if you begin your candle making experience by learning how to make votive candles or container candles you will need a few votive molds or glass jars for container candles. If you’re making votive candles we recommend using our seamless, metal votive molds to ensure a perfect made votive candle with a perfect centered wick. I also want you to email me if you have any other questions that I might not have covered in the instructions, also be sure that you let me know how your first candles turn out! Most of all... Have fun and make great candles!

The candle making supplies you will need are:

  1. Candle Wax
  2. Candle Dye
  3. Candle Making Wicks
  4. Candle Making Fragrance oils
  5. Votive molds or glass containers

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