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Aroma Beads - Super Absorbent Beads

How To Make Aroma Beads

Aroma Beads are small translucent plastic beads that absorb up to 40%* of their weight in fragrance oil. The fragrance can last up to six months, depending on the fragrance oil used. They are perfect for use in potpourri, sachets for cars, closets, drawers, luggage, etc. and as an alternative to candles. The aroma beads look radiant in organza baggies or in pretty glass jars, or even as dry potpourri. Aroma beads are easily colored and hold fragrance. You can make one color or multicolor mixes with the beads. Let your imagination run wild.

To make aroma beads you'll need the following items:

Ingredients needed:

  • Unscented Aroma Beads - 1/2 to 1 LB
  • Fragrance Oil - up to 4 ounces
  • Liquid Candle Dye - 1 to 4 drops
  • Glass jar with lid (for mixing)
  • Packaging - jar, bowl, organza bag, etc.

Step by Step Aroma Bead Making Directions:

  1. If you wish to color your aroma beads you will need to add 1-2 drops of liquid candle dye to about 1/2 ounce of fragrance oil (you can add more fragrance later if absorption allows) and swirl it around in the mixing jar until it is mixed well. PLEASE NOTE: You must add fragrance oil slowly to the beads, let it absorb, add more, and continue this procedure until they achieve the desired strength. You can not add all the fragrance at once. For dark colors add more dye to the beads and for pastels add less. Additional Note: Food coloring and soap dye will not work.
  2. Weigh the desired amount of aroma beads. Start with about 1/2 LB of our clear unscented aroma beads.
  3. Add the aroma beads to the colored fragrance oil in the mixing jar.
  4. Swirl, shake and/or stir the aroma beads around in the liquid until all of the aroma beads are evenly soaked and dispersed in the liquid. You're now turning them from unscented plastic aroma beads to highly scented aroma beads.
  5. Put the lid tightly on the jar and shake the aroma beads vigorously around in the jar for a full minute or two. Sometimes it takes only a few hours for the beads to completely absorb all of the oil and sometimes it takes longer. It will vary with each fragrance. Be sure to shake the jar every hour or so. You will be amazed at how much oil these aroma beads will absorb. Be persistent. The oil will eventually soak into all of the aroma beads. Some fragrances take longer than others. For example, some cinnamon may take up to 12 hours to soak in the beads completely. If all the oil does not soak in simply add more beads and repeat the process. Once the aroma beads have absorbed all of the fragrance oil they will feel dry to the touch.
  6. Once the oil has absorbed you are ready to use the aroma beads in a multitude of creative ways. Let your imagination be your guide. Add herbs, trinkets, glitter, etc., to give different effects to your aroma beads.


  • Be creative! Aroma beads are perfect for wedding receptions, graduations and baby shower sachets. You can also package the aroma beads in clear glass jars with slotted lids, or without lids, also use any clear tube with holes so that air can circulate.
  • Use aroma beads as a sweet smelling stuffing. When making your own pillows, stuffed toys, etc. When making an item that will come into contact with human skin be sure the fragrance oil you use is skin safe.
  • Fragrances such as lavender can be used for stress relief, eucalyptus for sinus relief, etc. Carry a small sachet or bag of beads with you during the day to give relief.
  • Make aroma beads the same scent and color as your candles or party decor Melt them into shapes using any metal cookie mold or cutter to match your party theme or holiday. You can even use them in fund raisers for schools and sports teams.
  • Try some fun color combos. Green & red for Christmas, Black and orange for halloween, Pastels for Easter and baby showers. Match your local school colors or your favorite sports team colors or the colors of a wedding for wedding favors. The possibilities are endless with these popular aroma beads!

Scent Throw: Remember, all air fresheners, including aroma beads, throw scent by circulation of air. Air and/or heat flow are what make the scent permeate into the room. Aroma beads need to be placed in an open container or sachet made from thin material so the air can circulate to allow the fragrance flow. The beads need to be shaken or stirred every now and then to refresh them and release the scent. Setting a sachet in front of an air vent in your house or vehicle will help circulate the fragrance and give an awesome aroma where used.

Cautions: Unscented aroma beads are made of FDA approved non-reactive plastics. Be careful when setting scented beads on wood, plastic or painted surfaces. Some oils can stain wood and damage painted or plastic surfaces. These aroma beads will melt at 150 - 190 degrees F. Do not use aroma beads in a potpourri burner. Always keep the beads out of the reach of children and animals. Some oils can migrate through some types of containers or packaging media. Be sure the aroma beads have absorbed all of the oil before using in any packaging media.

*Aroma beads will hold up to 40% of their weight of fragrance oil. We recommend that you add fragrance oil slowly to the beads so that you can see how each fragrance is going to be absorbed by the beads, and follow all other directions. Keep in mind that 40% is a very heavy fragrance load and not everyone finds it necessary for such a big fragrance load for their aroma beads. Fragrance oil absorption into the beads can take from a few hours to a couple of days, so add fragrance slowly. The actual fragrance load for aroma beads will be determined by the chemistry of each individual fragrance oil, not every fragrance will react the same nor will the aroma beads hold 40% of every fragrance oil.