Lotion and Cream Base

EasyLotion - EL-1 Multibase™

Our EL-1 Multibase (Easy Lotion) is an exciting breakthrough for body care products. Simply add warm water to this base and you will transform it into rich creams, lotions, body milks, body mists and even body sprays, all in one simple step. Directions are included with each tub of EL-1 Multibase™.

EasyLotion EL-1 Multibase™ Instructions

EasyLotion™ EL-1 Multibase is a super concentrated lotion base that you use to easily create silky lotions, soothing body creams, lotions and sprays and more. You simply combine warm tap or distilled water to create soothing body creams, lotions, body sprays and even body milks. All of the necessary preservatives and stablizers are already combined within the base product so you don't need to add any other additives.

  • Mixing Ratios for EasyLotion™ Multibase:
  • Body Cream: one part base, 1 parts water
  • Thick Lotion: one part base, 3 parts water
  • Light Lotion: one part base, 4 parts water
  • Body Milk: one part base, 6 parts water
  • Body Mist: one part base, 8 parts water

Note: The above recommendations are our versions and are not meant to be taken as a strict science. We offer them as a starting point or guideline. Feel free to experiment with the lotion base until you get your desired thickness for any of the above product applications.

How To Make Lotions, Creams & Body Sprays

Heat water to about 170 degrees F, if you get hotter than 170 degrees the heat can damage the preservatives in the concentrate, so be careful you don't get your water too hot. We use a distilled water, but everday tap water works fine too. Blend with multibase thoroughly until it is very smooth. When making mixtures of this product you can use a wire wisk but an electric beater works best. The mixture may appear thinner than you want but it will thicken upon cooling. This product will safely hold 1-2% fragrance oil. Be sure the fragrance you choose is a skin safe fragrance.

EasyLotion EL-1 Multibase™ Ingredient List:
Glycerin, Glycol Monostearate, Acylamide Copolymer, Octyldodecanol, Isopropyl Palmitate, Myristate, PEG-20, Glyceril Stearate, Ceteareth-14, Polysorbate 85, Distilled Water, Iodopropanol Butylcarbamate.